Science Olympiad: Ramping Up

Taylor McClelland

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As the winter season begins to wind down and transfer over into spring, so do the activities around the school. Sports, clubs, and organizations are all beginning to start their spring activities. This includes Science Olympiad, in which some of the most intelligent minds at MHS compete in a region wide competition of scientific properties.

Many events take place, such as building a motorized computer to taking a test on your knowledge of the earth’s rocks and minerals. These students are studying and preparing for this competition which will be held in Lexington in two weeks.

Many other schools, along with MHS, will be looking to place high in the competition for a chance to travel at a later date to Bowling Green to compete in a state-wide tournament. The MHS Science Olympiad team is split into two teams, an A Team and a B team. Around 20-30 students ranging from Freshman to Seniors here at MHS will start preparing for the competition in two weeks by working and practicing their individual tests and experiments during enrichment during the day and at home on their own initiative.

It takes a considerable amount of concentration, hard work, and also knowledge of how the world around us all works. I’d like to ask that all of MHS supports these students as they devote time to representing MHS in one of the biggest scientific competitions in the state. Good luck to the Science Olympiad teams going to compete!

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Science Olympiad: Ramping Up