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Kelcy Marsee

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Christmas, one of the kids’ favorite holidays! Most people love the thought of Christmas. This can be for many different reasons, such as the decorations, Christmas trees, gifts, and most importantly family. There is just one question some people are asking; is decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving too early? For some, people think you shouldn’t decorate for Christmas until the day of Thanksgiving, or until after Thanksgiving.

I say that putting it up before Thanksgiving is a great idea. Others may have a different thought, and by no means am I saying it’s wrong. My reasoning is that some people travel or even cook for Thanksgiving, so after traveling or cooking all day you may feel tired or just not up to doing it.

As many families do, they like to do things together. Decorating for Christmas is not just really fun, but a great way to spend some time with your family. This is all something your family can make a tradition. This might be a little stressful for adults, but something kids will always remember and really enjoy. When it comes time for the tree, that is by far the best part.

Decorating is an ever fun part of Christmas, but driving around and looking at them is a very fun way to brighten someone’s night. Decorating before Thanksgiving also gives you longer to enjoy all the decorations. Saying all this does not mean you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving, because you can. Decorating early lets you enjoy Christmas longer. Finally, after telling you that Christmas decorating early is a good idea, I hope it changes how you feel. I also hope that you are able to use some of my thoughts. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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Holiday of the Year