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September Students of the Month

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Each month of the school year, a different student from each grade is chosen to be the Student of the Month. These students show tremendous leadership skills, try hard in their classes, and always show MHS pride. For the month of September, the Students of the Month were Christopher Hobbs, Macy Mink, Katelin Dison, and Chase Elliott.

First, the freshman teachers and students had great comments about their Student of the month, Christopher Hobbs. One teacher said, “Christopher is a very polite young man, excels in the classroom, and shows his Jacket pride. These are all very important qualities in a student and will help him throughout his next four years of high school.”

Next, Macy Mink was selected from the sophomore class. The teacher who nominated her stated, ¨Macy loves her Yellow Jacket family, works hard in the classroom, and enjoys her new love for volleyball.” The teacher’s high praise shows that Macy is able to balance her class work with her extracurricular activities, a vital part of becoming a well-rounded person.

Moving on, Katelin Dison was the winner from the junior nominees. ¨This young lady willingly spends time helping other students inside and outside the classroom, and she happily assists teachers and administrators whenever called upon,¨ said the teacher who nominated her. Katelin clearly contains excellent leadership qualities and is willing to spend her time doing things for others. These characteristics will help her in and out of school, especially during her senior year.

Finally, Chase Elliott was picked as the Senior Student of the Month. His nominator stated, ¨Senior Chase works hard in the classroom, is courteous and friendly.¨ Being a senior means that the student should be a leader in the school and someone who helps everyone, including the underclassmen. Courteousness and friendliness make Chase the prime candidate for a Senior whom everyone looks up to with respect.

In conclusion, the MHS faculty and students are all proud of the September Students of the Month.

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September Students of the Month