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Powder Puff in the ‘Boro

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On a beautiful autumn evening on Wednesday October 18, 2017, the annual MHS Juniors versus Seniors Powderpuff Game began at 6:30 p.m. For a $5 donation, many fans, parents, and spectators filled the stands. Everyone had a great time cheering for their classmates. According to Mrs. Lay, the event coordinator, the game was a successful prom fundraiser with money from both the gate and the concession stand. Even MHS faculty joined the fun by helping out.

To keep the game honest, Coach Edwards and Officer Gilbert officiated, and  Mr. Callen was recruited for chain gang. Mr. McClelland provided play by play announcing. Junior sponsors organized and senior sponsors helped with gate and concessions. Unfortunately, there was one injury; Senior Taylor Daniels tore her ACL.

Are you ready to find out who won? Senior girls’ coach, Ben Bowling said, “The Juniors were trash talking for no reason. #Seniorsby90. Taking pointers from Butch Jones I see. #SeniorBy90. Leaving a donut on the board just like him. #SeniorBy90.”

The Seniors won a repeat by a 20-0 match. The best play of the game was when everyone was having a great time cheering on their teammates. One senior said the best part was when their class won the game.

Even though the Juniors lost this year’s Powderpuff Game, Junior coach Sebastian Wagoner said, “It was a fun experience. I enjoyed my time doing it again and having fun with the girls. They learned well and played hard, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

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Powder Puff in the ‘Boro